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Online Enrollment Verificaion
Posted on 08/10/2018

Each year, all the schools in the district are required to print out “enrollment verification form” for each student for parents to update or confirm everything is accurate.

This year, Puyallup School District is allowing guardians to make changes to their student(s) enrollment information online using their Home Access Center (HAC) account. Our goal is to help you streamline this process, eliminating the need for paper copies.

A link to Home Access Center can be found on the Puyallup School District Website. Click on Families, then choose Home Access Center. You can create an account, or if you forgot your username or password, there is a link for that too.

When you log into HAC, they will navigate to Registration > Update Registration Tab and then select New to begin the Update Form. This will bring them to the Update/Enrollment Verification Form. Please remember if you are changing your address, you will need to provide Proof of Residency prior to your update being accepted. You can upload “Proof of Residency” (such as a current lease agreement or utility billto your online form using the link under Documents.

Prep day packets will be mailed out this week and will not include the enrollment verification form. We encourage you to set up this account and ensure your student’s information is correct prior to August 24th (Kalles Prep Day). Please disregard the information on enrollment verification in the prep day packet.


Thank you!