Kalles Newsletter (Sept/Oct)
Kalles Newsletter
Posted on 09/27/2018
Kalles NewsletterKalles Newsletter Issue 01 (click to open PDF)

Message from Mr. Kovacs -
Kalles Families - We are so excited about how the school year has started. Our students are doing an amazing job keeping the focus on learning and being respectful. This is an impressive group of students! We are over 900 students strong and we are looking forward to making the 2018-2019 school year one of the best ever. Kalles has a wonderful tradition of excellence and we are poised to continue to add to that positive history. We recently received our 8th grade Science scores (the standardized assessment from last spring). Our scores, the highest in the district, were nearly 20% above the state average and 12.4% above the PSD average. While we will keep our focus on academic achievement, students will also be held accountable to high levels of respect, being involved, and having a service-oriented attitude. We are adding this newsletter to our communication efforts with our families this year. We hope you find it meaningful. I highly encourage you to stay connected through Schoology, as that will be the best form of regular classroom communication. Connect with the main office (253-841-8729) if you are still looking for answers related to using Schoology. We have committed to improve our efforts with the Schoology Calendar and we are taking time to help students get organized with this tool as well. Please take the time to read the emails I send home through SchoolMessenger. On occasion a voicemail will be attached, but I work to send home weekly updates regarding all-things-KJH. We could not be more excited about the year in front of us. Let’s all commit to a fabulous partnership in the name of making this a wonderful year for your child(ren). Keep us posted on how we can best serve. Thanks!