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Kalles Jr. High 2022-23 School Supply List
2022-2023 School Supply List
Posted on 06/22/2022
Kalles Families – some school supplies/materials will be course specific, so please follow the lead of your Tyee’s teachers once school gets underway. Some teachers may ask for specific items not on this list, but below is a basic supply-list that will have your student off to a great start to the school year.

A free Kalles Planner will be given to every 7th grade student and any 8th or 9th grade students who want it and will use it. This is to be used to keep track of assignments, homework, assessments, etc., and will also serve as a place for goal setting, GPA calculations, and calendared reminders of important dates. If lost, there will be a minimal fee to replace the planner. This planner will regularly be utilized in Homeroom and is a major part of student organization at Kalles Junior High.

To download a PDF version of Kalles' 2022-23 School Supply List, click here.
Please come to school on the first day with:
• Back-pack
• Three-ring binder
• Separate pocket folders for each class (with dividers, or purchase dividers/tabs)
• #2 pencils
• Colored pencils
• Pencil sharpener
• Pens
• Pencil pouch/case
• Glue stick
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Highlighters (basic colors)
• Ruled loose leaf 3-hole paper
• TI Calculator (preferred – TI-30xs)