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Nurse's Corner
Welcome to the Kalles Nurse Corner.

Your student's health is very important to us. We know healthy students learn best and there is no better place to learn and grow than Kalles, America's Finest JH.

As a partner in your child's healthcare, we welcome your call or email anytime.

Medication At School

All medication to be given at school needs a physician’s order, signed by the physician and signed and dated by the parent/guardian, stating the name of the medication, dose, dosage interval (how often the medication can be given), and side effects of the medication. This includes all over the counter medication (including Tylenol, aspirin, cough drops, throat lozenges, eye drops, ear drops, and ointments.) The orders are valid for the duration of the school year, meaning that each new school year, the medication orders need to be renewed.

The only medications students may routinely carry in their backpacks are Epi-pens and inhalers. These emergency medications need a doctor’s order and need doctor’s approval for the student to carry these emergency medications. These medications need to be checked in to the health room before the student carries the medication.

Medication should be brought to school by an adult and checked into the health room. If you have questions, please contact, Michelle Windish, School Nurse by calling (253) 841-8729.