Getting Started in Schoology Grades!
Getting Started in Schoology Grades!
Posted on 02/05/2017
Kalles Families:

As junior high teachers transition into using Schoology for the gradebook piece of their work, we are also making strides to more effectively use Schoology as our main school-to-home communication tool. Please see the related connections below to be sure you are up and running in Schoology (thanks). Here is to a fabulous start to 2nd semester. We are here to serve, so please stay in touch.  - Principal Kovacs


SCHOOLOGY– below are three documents related to Schoology. The first two are simple one-page guides and the third is a bit more information for those who want to dig deeper (which I highly recommend).

Parent Guide to sign up for Schoology - PDF.pdf

Finding Grades in Schoology for Parents.pdf

Getting Started on Schoology for Parents.pdf

There is also a video available here:

if you would like to take a look at some great information in this format.

We are excited about some of the opportunities using the Schoology gradebook will make possible!