At Kalles, we take student achievement seriously. We have found solid success over the years, but we are not content with where we are. We regularly strive to improve both our efforts and our results. Goal-setting is one tool we use to improve student achievement. Below are some of our current academic and non-academic goals.



At Kalles, we will conduct monthly safety/emergency drills, including "non-traditional" times to help students and staff prepare for any scenario. We will continue to work with local law enforcemet and keep our Pierce Responder updated with our emergency plans. Our Safety Team meets every month. Our goal is to decrease the number of referrals sent to the office by 5% when comparing 2014 (spring) data to 2015 (spring) data.




At Kalles, our goal is to regularly increase our communication efforts and effectiveness to our students, families and community. You can count on the following ways in which we work to communicate with our community:

  • KJH Website - regularly updated with news, pictures, calendar items, links and other important school information.
  • Schoology - containing information that is specific to each teacher and the courses being taught. Examples would include worksheets, syllabus, due dates, make-up & retake policies, teacher background & contact info., etc.
  • PeachJar - a new effort from the PSD. Look for the “peach” icon at the bottom of the PSD or KJH websites to find approved community flyers and announcements.
  • The KJH Booster Club Official Facebook Page - news on upcoming events and meetings.
  • KJH Reader Board - constantly updated, sharing important news and dates.
  • KJH “Totem” - our student created newspaper that comes out quarterly.
  • Home Access Center (HAC) - this is your one-stop shopping for your child’s grades, attendance, discipline and other information.
  • Teacher-to-Parent/Guardian (and vice-versa) emails - one of the key ways to get direct information about what is happening in the classrooms. Do not hesitate to connect with teachers regularly.
  • Community and Parent Events - including, but not limited to, our Prep Day in late August, Back-to-School Night in early September, Student-Led Conferences (fall/spring), 6th Grade Parent Night, PAGE Interest Night, AVID Family Nights, Band, Orchestra & Choir Concerts, School Plays & Musicals, Athletic Competitions, Pack-the-Gym Night (Unified Basketball), Mr. Tyee Night, Donuts for Dads & Muffins for Moms, 9th Grade Awards Assembly, Friday Night Live!, Loganfest, School Talent Show, Student Recognition Events such as Students-of-the-Month and Honor Society, Special Assemblies (Veterans Day, MLK Jr., Pep, etc.), Booster Club Meetings, Special Community Events like Ram Night, Geographic Bee, Musical Competitions, and the Honoring Cultures Event at the Spring Fair.




At Kalles, our goal is to regulalry take advantage of the new technology tools put before us. We will continue to promote technology as a learning tool, for both staff and students, that when used effectively will support teaching and learning with seamless integration throughout the curriculum. Current class and school efforts include:

  • Use of mobile labs
  • Use of library, CTE and Digitools labs
  • Use of classroom microphones
  • Use of classroom technology
  • Specific search engines, apps, and computer programs
  • Use of classroom document cameras
  • Daily PA announcements
  • Weekly video announcements
  • Lunchtime video presentations
  • Updating of our website
  • Use of Teacher Schoology
  • KJH Booster Club Facebook
  • PeachJar (PSD/KJH e-fliers)
  • KJH Reader Board